Growth of Resorcinol unidirectional crystal from Solution at Low Temperature


  • Rita A. Gharde Dept. of Physics,University of Mumbai Mumbai 400 098
  • Divakar Tulshiram Chunarkar Department of Physics, University of Mumbai Santacacruz (E), Mumbai
  • Santosh A. Mani Department of Physics, University of Mumbai Santacacruz (E), Mumbai


Growth from solution, Non linear optical material, XRD, FTIR, UV, Viscosity, Surface Tension, Dielectric constant, organic materials.


The non linear single crystals of resorcinol were grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique. The grown crystal was confirmed by powder X- ray diffraction. The functional group of grown crystal was found by FTIR studies and UV –VIS transmittance studies were performed to know the thermal and optical behavior respectively. In this matter the entire solution can be converted into crystal so that 100% solute crystal efficiency can be achieved. The structure measurement that performed to check the structure, quality and homogeneity of the grown crystal. Resorcinol is an important agent for dyes and chemical industries. In a wide range of application including rubber production.                  disinfectants.



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