Preparation of Shitosan/ Montmorillonite (MMt) Nanocomposite as a Drug Delivery Carrier of Podophyllotoxin


  • Soheila Sedaghat Islamic azad university


Chitosan, Podophyllotoxin, nanocomposite, release rate, montmorillonite (MMt), drug delivery carrier, Thermal analysis


Biopolymer composites have chosen for carrying drugs because they decrease the side effect of the drug and enhance the appropriate concentration in the treatment sites. The biocompatibility and nontoxicity of biopolymers is the main reason to apply them in pharmaceutical fields. The aim of this work was to develop a biopolymer composite based on chitosan (CTS) and Montmorillonite (MMt) by a simple cross-linking reaction using glutaraldehyde as the cross-linker. The swelling ratio in two pH solutions, drug encapsulation efficiency and controlled release behavior were investigated by using Podophyllotoxin as a drug. The results show that the incorporation of MMt improved the swelling behavior, enhanced the drug entrapment efficiency, and decrease the drug release rate. The exfoliated clay could act as a physical cross-linker to facilitate the formation of network structure between the CTS and MMt. It is determined that MMt may be developed as an effective additive for fabricating a sustained drug delivery system.


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