Improving Macro Nutrition Content on Nutritional Biscuits with Substitution of Tilapia Fish Flour, Sardine Fish Flour, and Red Rice Flour


  • Samet Widodo
  • Saifuddin Sirajuddin Universitas Hasanuddin


BiscuitMacro nutrient content, Proximate analysis


The objective of the research: to study the macro nutrient content of biscuits with substitution of tilapia fish flour, sardine fish flour, and red rice flour. Method: experimental research, the study was conducted in March – June 2017 at Culinary Laboratory Universitas Negeri Makassar and Biophysics Laboratory, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin. Main ingredients: 1 biscuit without substitution (F0) and 7 biscuits with substitution: tilapia fish flour substituted biscuit (F1), sardine fish flour substituted biscuit (F2), red rice flour substituted biscuit (F3), tilapia and sardine fish flour substituted biscuit (F4), tilapia fish flour and red rice flour substituted biscuit (F5), sardine fish flour and red rice flour substituted biscuit (F6), and tilapia and sardine fish flour and red rice flour substituted biscuit (F7). Data collection by proximate analysis: water content AOAC (2012) 930.15, ash content AOAC (2012) 942.05, fat content AOAC (2012) 991.36, protein content IK.LP-04.3-LT-1.0, carbohydrate content IK.LP-04.3-LT-1.0, and presented in histograms. The Results of Nutrient Content in the biscuits with substitution of tilapia fish flour, sardine fish flour, and red rice flour are respectively energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, water, and ashes: F0: 476.03kkal; 7.72g; 17.43g; 72.07g; 2.03g; 0.75g. F1: 500.33Kkal; 13.59g; 24.77g; 55.76g; 4.48g; 1.4g. F2: 490.65Kkal; 11.01g; 21.49g; 63.3g; 3.03g; 1.17g. F3: 507.46Kkal; 11.68g; 24.46g; 60.15g; 2.52g; 1.19g. F4: 478.78Kkal; 11.05g; 19.3g; 65.22g; 3.1g; 1.33g. F5: 492.3Kkal; 11.25g; 21.75g; 62.89g; 2.88g; 1.23g. F6: 483.06Kkal; 10.03g; 20.43g; 64.77g; 3.31g; 1.46g. F7: 478.11Kkal; 7.8g; 20.23g; 66.21g; 3.94g; 1.82g.


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