Two Improved Color Images Compression Systems


  • A. A. El-Harby Damietta University, Faculty of Science, Math. Department, New Damietta, 34517, Egypt


Quadtree, Color Image Compression, Image Processing


In this paper, two image compression systems are designed based on quadtree (QT). They can compress the colour images for the three components separately. The proposed systems divides colour images into their three components. Then, the first two components (R and G) are divided into blocks using QT method. While the division of the B component has the same blocks coordinates of the G component. The first system has three minimum values (MVs) and three difference values (DVs) for each block. In the second system for R component, one MV and one DV are identified for every block. While for the other two components, two MVs and one average difference (AD) are determined for any block. As a result, it is found that the division according to the G component is the best giving good compressed images with high compression ratios and visual quality. In addition to, the second system is the best one having the highest performance. This system has the highest accuracy rates in the compression ratios, peak-to-peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) values, number of blocks and low computational time comparing with the first system.


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