A Survey on Internet of Things


  • M. Ayasha
  • M. Savitha Devi


Internet-of-Things, Sensor Networks, Smart objects, Sensors, Actuators, Security


“Everything that is blend to the internet is cognizantâ€, is going to be the new rule for future. Future is Internet of Things (IOT we are moving towards it with swift pace. Generally to the way humans use internet, now onwards gadgets will be the main users of IOT ecosystem.  We know that, today internet has already taken an decisive part of everyday life and it has also fiercely changed the lives of human being. This paper introduces Internet of Things (IOTs), which offers competence to identify and connect worldwide physical objects into a unified system. As a part of IOTs, serious interest is raised over access of particular information related to device and individual privacy. This survey epitomizes the security threats and privacy concerns of IOT .Main permissive factor of this conception is the assimilation of various technologies. In this paper, we describe the key technologies elaborate in the implementation of Internet of Things and the   leading application discipline where the Internet of Things will play a key role.   The global sensing networks is enabled by Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and these technologies cuts across many areas of modern day living. The rise of these devices in a communicating and actuating network will create the Internet of Things (IOT). Here the sensors and actuators bind easily with the environment around us and the knowledge is shared across various terrace in order to develop a common operating picture (COP). Internet



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