The Security Strategies in IoT – A Road Map


  • Bobby S.
  • AmalRedge G.


Internet of Things, Security, Architecture, Embedded Security


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the escalation production of the Computer Science and Communication technology. The phrase IoT was originally proposed to connected objects with RFID technology. Presently, researchers relate IoT with sensors, actuators, GPS devices and Mobile devices. IoT has provided a capable prospect to build powerful industrial systems and applications. Recently large number of IoT applications have been developed and deployed. The significance of the security in the IoT is gradually budding and IoT is one of the most promising network technologies in the new network. This paper is a survey of the basic concept of IoT, background architecture and analyzes the security problems of IoT. And also we provide the requirements of embedded security, the solutions to resist different attacks and the technology for defying rage proofing of the embedded devices by the concept of trusted computing. Addressing this concern is equivalent to addressing the security issue of the hardware platform.


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