The Development of Sustainable Community Food Barn in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Indonesia


  • Erlyna Wida Riptanti
  • Suprapti Aulia Qonita



Food barn, buffer stock, grains, rice, ineffectiveness


 Food storage in the form of barn is mostly ineffective in Wonogiri. Even though, it has very significant role as buffer stock in the drought season. Meanwhile, the government’s program initiates the activating of food barn, by providing fund assistance for barn building, rice miller and restock rice grains in the barn. However, it has not made the barn well developed, due to its dependency on the program.

The aim of this study is to construct the development of sustainable community’s food barn. This study was used an exploratory method. The location of this study was selected purposively in Wonogiri. The result of this study showed that inactive food barn was caused by its poor management. Meanwhile, the active food barn functioned for savings and loans of rice grains. It has high dependency to the government program. The barn development needs a support from physical and non-physical environment to reach its sustainability.


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