Agroforestry Sustainability Status to Support Food Resilience


  • Iman Santosa Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia
  • Dwita Sutjiningsih
  • Hadi S. Alikodra
  • M. Hasroel Thayib


agroforestry, sustainability.sub-watershed, multidimension


At present, Cisokan sub watershed in West Java Province, is not good enough to support good quality of life and many people living in the  area are suffering  from food deficiency. In many parts of the sub watershed, the land use/ land cover is consist of critical land, crop plantation in the hills without terraces and encroached forestland.To overcome this, certain  type of land use should be implemented. In this case, agroforestry  can play important role, not only for food but for ecosystem protection as well. The success of agroforestry system development in Cisokan subwatershed can only be met if supported by complete and up to date data on social, economy and ecology or environment of the area. Based on that data, the sustainability of agroforestry practices can be assessed. Agroforestry sustainability status from social dimension is 43.22 (less sustainable), economic dimension 49.81 (less sustainable), environment dimension is 52.93 (sufficiently sustainable) and multidimensional value is 48.65 (less sustainable). Some attributes that significantly contribute to agroforestry sustainability are willingness to change main food, farmer households expenditure for food nutrients as well as plant pests and diseases control. In order to improve the sustainability level of agroforestry practices, more attention should be paid to social and economics dimensions with comprehensive approaches to all attributes.

Author Biography

Iman Santosa, Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia



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