Brain Tumor Radiotherapy Role and Variation


  • Eyad Lutfi Abu Nahlah ENT Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Raed M. Aljubour Neurosurgery Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Zuhair Abu Salma Neurosurgery Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Rakan A. Lozi Neurosurgery Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Hamzeh M. Alkhawaldeh Neurosurgery Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Motasem M. Al-Hanaqta Radiation Oncology Center, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan
  • Sura Al-Rawabdeh Histopathology Department, King Hussein Medical Centre (KHMC), Amman, Jordan



brain tumor, benign, malignant,radiotherapy,adjuvant, palliative.


Objectives: We report our experiences of brain tumors management by surgery and radiotherapyWhether It has been used as adjuvant, radical or palliative therapy belonging to benign or malignant tumors over 2 years period at ENT,  neurosurgery and radiotherapy departments royal medical services.

Methods: We used a retrospective study design to review all brain tumor patients(benign, malignant or metastatic) operated in neurosurgical department and referred to radiotherapy after discussing each case in multidisciplinary clinic in 2018 and 2019. Patient files, radiological images computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans), histo-pathological reports and radiotherapy management plan were reviewed for patients.

Results: In total, 137 patients with brain tumor managed byradiotherapy 64 patients were metastatic, 37 patients high grad glioma, 12 patients atypical meningioma, 7 patients medulloblastoma, rest of cases discussed in the study  .

Conclusions: Radiotherapy has been fulfilling crucial part in the treatment of CNS tumors, where it has been implemented as adjuvant therapy or even being the solitary resort where surgery is inapplicable or used as palliative therapy in different regimens according to histopathology, performance status and different sites.



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