Frequency of Enuresis in Primary School Children in Basra and its Impact on Their Growth


  • Hamsa Shaker Abdul-Nabi
  • Sawsan Issa Habeeb Department of pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of Basra


enuresis, nocturnal, BMI


Background: Nocturnal enuresis is common clinical problem in children. Although it is considered as a benign symptom, it causes substantial distress and presents significant psychosocial problems for children and their parents. It is now generally accepted that 15 to 20 % of children will have some degree of bed-wetting at five years of age, with a spontaneous remission rate of approximately 15 % per year. Enuresis is an important urologic problem. It may have a significant impact on the child’s growth and development. Subjects and methods: This is a cross- sectional with case control study carried out on (675) primary schools children; aged (6-7) years. Over a period of 5 months from (2nd of January 2009 till the end of May 2009).Total of (129) children with no history of bed-wetting were randomly selected as control group. A standard questionnaire was filled out for each student. The ages of the children were obtained from birth record maintained in the school; other information were obtained through a direct interview with the parents.All enuretic children and controls were under went physical Examination to assess their height and weight.


Result: Sixty four students had NE, the overall frequency of NE was (9.48%). (53.1%) were boys and (46.9%) were girls.  Family history of enuresis was reported in (57. 8%), (1.3%) of enuretic and non enuretic children respectively. The result was statistically significant, p value <0.05. Enuresis was mainly nocturnal of primary type.

Children with NE had lower body mass index (BMI), weight and height for age compare to their control group. Conclusion: Nocturnal enuresis can serve as easily noticeable indicator for delays in some spheres of child growth. Since enuresis and other stressful conditions in family can cause growth failure in children, the treatment of enuresis and eliminating stressful condition could be an effective measure in improving children's physical growth.


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