Results of Endodontic Treatment for Molar Teeth with the Combination of Diode Laser in Root Canal Preparation


  • Tran Tuan Anh BDMC- Binh Duong Medical College (Viet Nam)
  • Anh Nguyen Phan Hong


Endodontic, Diode Laser


Root canal treatment techniques have recently had many modern support means, in which, laser technology becomes exceptional because of its benefits. However, its true effectiveness in disinfection phase remains controversial.


To assess the efficiency of endodontic treatment for first molar teeth and second molar teeth with the support of Diode Laser machine in root canal preparation.


Controled clinical trial with 40 patients which are randomly divided into two study groups.


Treated with the conventional method: 01 week after treatment: 85% good; 15% moderate; 0% poor. 3-9 months after treatment: 60% good; 40% moderate; 0% poor. The results of treatment using Diode laser machine in preparing root canal after 01 week: 95% good; 5% moderate; 0% poor. Monitoring after 3-9 months: 85% good; 15% moderate; 0% poor. There is no significant difference in treatment results after 3-9 months between the two groups.


The endodontically treated study subjects with the support of Diode Laser in root canal preparation demonstrate good results at high percentage of 95% after 01 week and 85% after 3-9 months of treatment compared with the treatment results of subjects using non Diode Laser method, 85% after one week and 60% after 3-9 months.


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