Implementation of the Law on Anti-Violence against Women and their Children in Malabon City: An Assessment


  • Nancy Ruiz Hadap


Women, Children, Victim-Survivor, Barangay, RA 9262


The State values the role of women and children in nation building.  As vulnerable sectors of the society, the State recognizes the need to protect women and children from any forms of violence as well as threats to their personal safety and security.  Despite the enactment of certain international conventions and laws for women and children, evidence of abuse is still recorded.  Studies suggested the government to implement laws that promote women’s and children’s welfare where violence happens – in the barangay as the political unit which can provide the most immediate assistance.  With the use of descriptive method, the study aimed to assess the level of implementation of the Republic Act 9262 Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act in the barangays of the City of Malabon from 2004-2010. The study involved victim-survivors, the City Social Welfare and Development officers, and social workers, police-women at the Women and Children Protection Desk, and Barangay officials.   The findings of this study show that RA 9262 was implemented.  Nevertheless, victim-survivors, find the law partially implemented.  Problems on the insufficient budget, facilities, trainings, cooperation from the complainants, and inconsistencies in the implementation of other related laws were also identified.  The respondents recommended the: (1) awareness activities for the barangay officials and the public as well; (2) consistent budget allocation; and (5) creation of gender sensitive jurisdiction.



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