Melaka Malay Kampung Rim Mosque: Conserving Traditional-Designed Mosque in Malaysia


  • Roslan Talib Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Mohd Zailan Sulieman
  • A. Ghafar Ahmad


mosque conservation, traditional mosque, Malay mosque, heritage


This paper shows how the unique architecture of Kampung Rim mosque can be appreciated. The scope covers a study of the design elements and architectural features that are unique to the mosque within the Nusantara. This research stated on the approach in creating this structure is different compared to most of the existing mosques currently and previously being built around the state. The concept of neo-archipelago idea to have the Chinese Buddha features in a Muslim mosque was unique.

Expectations for this study is to reveal the noble efforts of the local Government bodies as well as the mosque committee members involved in maintaining old buildings such as this mosque can indirectly preserve the cultural arts of the local Malays who are the largest ethnic in Malaysia. Efforts should also be given to maintain old buildings; not only religious buildings but also other building types; in the effort to ensure local arts and cultural heritage still exist and can be appreciated by future generations.

Author Biography

Roslan Talib, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Interior Architecture Programme


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