The Dimensions of Trust in Salespersons: A Qualitative Research


  • Ferda Erdem Business Department, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Akdeniz University
  • Arzu Açar


Trust, salesperson, customer


The purpose of this study was to identify the dimensions of trust in salespersons and find if customers and salespersons had different perceptions of trust. Unlike the relevant studies in the literature, this study is a qualitative research in which 13 grocers that purchased the products of a distributor firm and 9 salespersons that sold the products to these customers were interviewed.  According to the findings of the study, the grocers and salespersons similarly considered honesty, professionalism, ethical conduct, customer orientation and sincerity as important dimensions of trust in salespersons. It was also found in the study that a reliable salesperson could also build trust in the firm. This study might have a theoretical contribution as well because it draws attention to the importance of trust phenomenon for the current and future debates in the field of marketing behaviours. Furthermore, demonstrating the important role played by the salespersons in the relationship management on behalf of their firms, this study might also have a practical contribution as it emphasizes some of the critical human resources policies.



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