A Factor Analysis of Age Structural Change in Asia


  • Jayadevan CM Swinburne University, Australia


Birth rate, mortality, factor, age, score


In this paper, an  analysis of age structural change in Asia was conducted. We should remember that Asia is the most populated continent, which population changes all the time so it explained the need of  this research. Asia is the largest  populous continent on earth with  30% of the world's land area and  60% of the world's current population as of  2016. The present paper is concerned with the study of the nature of age structural change  in Asia. Using age classification variables  and with the help of  factor  analysis, the paper attempts to answer a question what happened to the age group composition due to the  effect of demographic transition. This paper attempts to analyze the interrelationships among the age  groups in  34 countries of Asia during the period 1951 to 2016. Age structure varied substantially among the countries of Asia. The variation in age structure were explained by four factor model for male age groups and three factor model for  female age groups. The study also shows that the variation in life expectancy is an important factor responsible for the variation in percentage of age group 15-80+ for males as well as females. However, fertility rate is also found to be inversely related to variation in the percentage of age group 15-80+ for females.


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