Growth of Natural Rubber Production: Implications for Farmers from Global Experience


  • Jayadevan CM CSU, Australia


Growth, variance, production, yield, area, elasticity


Production of natural rubber has substantially increased in all major natural rubber producing countries. Increased farming of natural rubber and  increased manufacturing of synthetic rubber  have created excess supply of rubber which gave the manaufacturers of rubber products an opportunity to exploit the buyers’ market. This has tempted manufacturers of rubber products to make use of  price fixing which  gave rise to glut in the  rubber market. Consequently,price of natural rubber has fallen below the average variable cost which has resulted in unprofitable subsistence farming for many thousands of small farmers in many countries. This has forced many farmers to exit from the rubber farming. The present paper is concerned with the  study of  the nature of growth and variance of natural rubber production in major natural rubber producing countries during the period 1961 to 2013 and its implications for farmers.


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