Impact of Communication on Teachers’ Satisfaction and Productivity

Case of a Private School in Dubai


  • Alain Tannous University of Jean Moulin Lyon III, Lyon, France
  • Veronique Zardet University of Lyon 3 and ISEOR Research Center, Lyon, France
  • Jeremy Salmeron ISEOR Reseach Center, Lyon, France



Intervention-Research, Management Practices, Internal Consulting, Communication, Satisfaction, Socio-economic, High School


The performance of every organization could be impacted by job satisfaction which is considered one of the most important issues. Dissatisfaction at work is considered a direct cause for excessive turnover which in turn affects the organization’s direct costs. One of the major determinants of job satisfaction is the lack of communication within the organization. This project highlights the importance of improving the communication between the management and the team members in order to increase teachers’ satisfaction and productivity. The project is conducted in a private international school in Dubai. Data is collected and analyzed qualitatively through semi-structured interviews, quantitatively through financial analysis and the socio-economic strategic implementation are constructing the whole process. The results of this study are communicated with the upper management team. Therefore, strategic and political decision are structured and socio-economic training tools are suggested to be implemented.


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