Compactly Completeness and Finitarily Completeness on Continuous Information System


  • Mohammed M. Khalaf Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Arts ,Muhayl Asser, King Khalid University , K.S.A.
  • Mohammed M. Ali Al-Shamiri Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Arts ,Muhayl Asser, King Khalid University , K.S.A.



continuous information system , compactly completeness, finitarily completeness, poset


The plane here, introduce and study the concepts of bounded completeness and finitely completeness on continuous information system. Further more compactly completeness, finitarily completeness and strongly compactly completeness for continuous information system. Some interactions between these concepts are investigated. Some corresponding results in posets and domains due to R.Hechmann [5] are generalized.


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