On Recent Modifications of Extended Weibull Families Distributions and Its Applications


  • Bachioua Lahcene Department of Mathematics, Deanship of Preparatory year, Hail University


Weibull distribution, reliability, generating and quantile functions, Hazard rate function, Parameter estimation, Estimation Methods.



The paper discusses an extended form of family of Weibull distributions and some important cases of this distributions. The family of Weibull distributions and its derivate models finds many applications. The author proposes a new six parameters extended Weibull model, which generalizes the family of weibull distributions. The applicability of the new models is well justified by means of two real data sets. Several methods are used to estimate the Weibull parameters which are (MLE) and (ME). Various properties of this new family are investigated and then exploited to derive several related results, especially characterizations, in probability. As a motivation, the statistical applications of the results based on health related data are included which investigates reliability properties of a flexible extended weibull family of distributions. The findings of this work will be useful for the practitioners in various fields of theoretical and applied sciences.




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