Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Needed by Companies in Metro Manila


  • Eric S. Parilla adjunct assistant professor University of Asia and the Pacific


skills, knowledge, attitudes


The study focused on studying the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed by Metro Manila employers. It surveyed 100 companies coming from various industries. It used descriptive research design. The results showed that while intellectual competence and research skills are essential in an academic pursuit, there are many skills that graduates can sharpen during to make them more employable.  Graduates need to be aware that employers will evaluate candidates on the basis of how their diverse skill set can enhance their workplace, and how their personality will complement their new community.   It is also important for Universities and colleges to prepare their students to possess the right attitude, image and appearance, skills and capacities and not only focus on their intellectual capacities and knowledge. It means that there should be a balance between theories, applications and teaching the right behavior and attitude towards work, other people and life as a whole.




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