The Evolution of Data Mining Techniques to Big Data Analytics: An Extensive Study with Application to Renewable Energy Data Analytics


  • Dina Fawzy Mahmoud Ain Shams University
  • Sherin Moussa
  • Nagwa Badr


Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Farms


Recently big data have become a buzzword, which forced the researchers to expand the existing data mining techniques to cope with the evolved nature of data and to develop new analytic techniques. Big data analytic techniques are serving many domains. In this paper, we provide a detailed comprehensive analysis and discussion of the data mining techniques, studying the changes that have been introduced to some of them that have been successfully developed into big data analytic techniques. The analysis also investigates the reasons behind the rest of data mining techniques that could not be evolved to big data analytics. A detailed study is also presented to discuss the application of big data analytics in the field of renewable energy studies.



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