Effect of Air-vapor Flow Rate on Syngas Production Compositions of Updraft Horse Manure Gasification

Rudy Sutanto, Pandri Pandiatmi, Ida Bagus Alit, Mirmanto Mirmanto


Utilizing biomass as an alternative energy source is needed. This is due to fossil fuels that begin to thin out in line with technological developments. Biomass can be converted into syngas using gasification processes with a device called gasifier. Experiments producing syngas from horse manure were conducted using an updraft gasifier. The aim of this study is to know the effect of air flow rate mixed with vapour on the syngas composition. The air flow rates used were ranging from 10 l/min to 30 l/min. The results show that the gas resulted in the experiment is CO, H2, and CH4, and the best quality of syngas happened at air flow rate of 30 l/min and vapor flow of 0.024 l/min with CH4 0.18%, H2 37.34%, CO 6.93%.



Updraft gasification, biomass, horse manure, air-vapor

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24203/ajas.v5i3.4832


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