The Controversial Dialectic of the "Self" and the "Other" in Alexander Buzo’s Norm and Ahmed

Layla Farouq Abdeen, Abder-Rahim Abu-Swailem


Alexander Buzo's Norm and Ahmed is one of the most outstanding Australian plays dealing with general human yet contemporary issues of particular interest in post-colonial studies as well as multi-cultural literature. This paper explores the play in terms of the problems of racial prejudice, social mobility, and the isolation of non-English speaking immigrants in Australia in the 60's, who are aliens in color, religion, and culture. In addition, it examines the character of Norm, who not only exists in a multicultural neighborhood of a growing city, but also suffers from the isolation from his own white race. Therefore, he seeks someone to communicate with, but that encounter, which happens to be with a young Pakistani student, eventually juxtaposes the numerous differences and overtones of an “Aussie” and an “other”; leading to an unexpected clash not only on a personal level but also on a cultural one.  



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