The Poor Elderly Potential Empowernment Strategy (A Case Study in Morokrembangan Village Krembangan Subdistrict Surabaya City)


  • Nurul Hayati Brawijaya University Malang-Indonesia
  • Sanggar Kanto
  • Anif Fatma Chawa


empowerment, poor elderly potential, rationality


Empowerment of poor elderly potential is one of the strategies adopted in the implementation of poverty alleviation programs. The aim of this research was to review the participation of the poor elderly potential in the implementation of empowerment programs and then find the concept of empowerment strategies for them. This is qualitative research with case study approach. From the research results revealed that the participation of poor the elderly potential in Morokrembangan Village is still low due to a lack of understanding rationality against the backdrop of development activities for the elderly, no invites, experienced poverty and low levels of education possessed. The draft concept of the empowerment strategy begins with change the rationality owned by the elderly poor through socialization. The activities of potential empowerment of poor elderly people barely need the support from supervisors and co-empowerment in terms of both management and funding.

Keywords: empowerment, poor elderly potential, rationality.


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