The ‘Esthétiques’ of the Body


  • Nidale Al-Amyouni Daccache Lebanese American University


The study of the body has been neglected for a long time by Arab researchers. They have not given this subject notable importance due to the conservative religious and traditional customs and attitudes which hold the body sacred and beyond investigation in any physical or intellectual sense.  Thus, the purpose of this paper is to reveal the importance   of the body and its cultural and sacred position as held by the Arabs and to treat this subject from various points of view in the Arab societies.  This study is intended to raise awareness and understanding of the relation between the developments of these societies in relation to any changes attitudes towards the body at the different periods of time.  The aim of this paper is thus twofold: an investigation of a subject that has been and is still   considered a “taboo†in the traditions and morals in many fields and to note the historical changes as far as the Arab society is concerned.




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