A Hybrid Modified Approach for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations


  • Alauldeen N. Ahmad
  • Basma A. Nema




Fuzzy differential equation, Laplace transformation, Variational iteration methods, Lagrange multiplier


In this paper, a hybrid method is presented by combining Laplace transformation and variational iteration method for solving fuzzy differential equations with fuzzy initial and boundaries values. A defuzzification technique had been implemented to convert the fuzzy parameters into crisp values by building an extended ranking method. Then the method is implemented on the new problem in which two approaches has been built according to the formula of  Lagrange multiplier obtaining the lower, upper and center solutions.


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Ahmad, A. N., & Nema, B. A. (2017). A Hybrid Modified Approach for Solving Fuzzy Differential Equations. Asian Journal of Fuzzy and Applied Mathematics, 5(2). https://doi.org/10.24203/ajfam.v5i2.4478