Ranking Agro-Ecological & Socio-Economic Constraints in Agricultural using Fuzzy Ranking Method based on Radius of Gyration of Centroids


  • B. Usha Rani Bharathidasan university
  • A. Hari Ganesh
  • S. Jayakumar


centroid – points, fuzzy numbers, ranking, farmers’ constraints in agriculture


Ranking fuzzy numbers plays a very important role in linguistic decision making and some other fuzzy application systems such as data analysis, artificial intelligence and socio economic systems.  Many methods have been proposed to deal with ranking fuzzy numbers.  However, the methods were never been simplified and tested in real life application.  In this paper a new method is proposed to rank fuzzy numbers based on radius of gyration point of centroids and its application in ranking technical constraints faced by the farmers in agriculture especially on paddy cultivation.  This method is relatively simple and easier in computation to rank farmers’ technical constraints in agriculture.



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