Design and Construction of Egusi (Igbo, Coutry and Pumpkin) Cracking Machine


  • Reneta Nafu Yakum 1. Department of Mechanical Engineering, HigherTechnical Teacher Training College, P.O Box 34 Bambili, The University of Bamenda



Egusi cracking machine, Igbo egusi, Contry egusi, pumpkin egusi


The time consuming, boring, and strenuous process of cracking egusi seeds manually has provoked researchers and machine fabricators locally construct motorized systems to replace manual efforts. In a bid to improve on the cracking performance of their system, a critical analysis was carried out and fine out that the machine fabricated locally was done only for Igbo egussi in Nigeria. Amongst others, it was found out that the current systems were still manually processed like Contry egusi and Pumpkin egusi in Cameroon. This machine is designed and constructs to be used across age gender for domestic, commercial and industrial for cracking egusi seed to have the egusi kernel. Proper design considerations were then put in place, and an improved and more reliable version constructed, taking into consideration three different categories of egusi locally grown in Cameroon. The improved version gave far higher efficiencies of 80.5%, 85.5%, and 89.5% at crack at the best (experimented and prescribed) water-to-seed ratio.


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