Effect of Hall Current on MHD Oscillatory Slip Flow with Varying Temperature and Concentration


  • K. Sumathi
  • T. Arunachalam
  • N. Radha Assistant professor




Hall Current, Slip Flow, Oscillatory flow, Heat Source, Radiation


An investigation of the effect of Hall current on an unsteady MHD mixed convective oscillatory flow of an electrically conducting fluid through a planar channel filled with saturated porous medium is carried out in this paper. The effect of buoyancy, heat source, thermal radiation, chemical reaction and Hall current are taken into account with slip velocity, varying temperature and concentration at the lower boundary. A series solution is found using perturbation techniques. The effects of various parameters on the main and cross flow velocity, temperature, Skin friction, rate of heat and mass transfer are discussed numerically. 


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Sumathi, K., Arunachalam, T., & Radha, N. (2017). Effect of Hall Current on MHD Oscillatory Slip Flow with Varying Temperature and Concentration. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 5(2). https://doi.org/10.24203/ajas.v5i2.4490