Cost Analysis of Pressure Ulcers Cases in Acibadem Healthcare Group


  • Saliha Koc
  • Nese Bakoglu
  • Aslihan Bardak


Cost, Pressure ulcers, Cost analysis, Acibadem Healthcare Group, Turkey


Background: Although the number of pressure ulcer prevention manuals have increased, in the hospitals there can not be seen any visible changes in the cost of pressure ulcer and wound care. According to Agency for Healthcare Research(AHRQ) in the US, pressure ulcer cost ranges $9.1-$11.6 billion per year. In addition to that the cost of individual patient care ranges between 20,900 and 151,700 per case. Regarding the lawsuits every year there have been 17,000 pressure ulcer cases which is seen the second most common lawsuit cases and each year around 60,000 patients die due to the pressure ulcer. Since the table is that much serve, focusing on the prevention cost rather than the standard care cost will provide more benefit to country, hospital, patient and patient’s family and the care provider. Therefore as being Acibadem Healthcare Group, we aimed to calculate the cost of pressure ulcer treatment in one pilot hospital to present the cost effectiveness of the standard care for pressure ulcer.

Objectives: Calculate the cost of treatment of pressure ulcers in Acibadem Healthcare Group hospitals[1].

Method: The cost of treatment of patients developing pressure ulcers in AHG(Acibadem Healthcare Group) in 2012 was calculated at every stage and total cost per patient for the company was calculated.  These costs were created in line with the data from patient services pricing department.

Population: All patients developing pressure ulcers in 13 hospitals of Acibadem Healthcare Group in 2012.

Data analysis: Datas regarding the costs are received from the department of patient services for the each item of the prevention steps.

Results: As a result of the cost analysis conducted in AHG, it was established that the cost of nursing care was minimum $13 and maximum $31, and the cost ranges of hospital accommodation (bed & room), wound care products, physician consultation(per visit), surgical intervention, medications, laboratory tests were between $987 and $6.917, $11 and $221, $106 and $146, $158 and $18.533, $66 and $8.826, and $87 and $165 respectively. It was concluded that total cost of pressure ulcers developing in the year 2012 were in the range of $340.077 to $2.452.686.

[1] Acibadem Healthcare Group hospitals located in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul(8 hospitals) and partly outside of Istanbul(7 hospitals).

Acibadem Healthcare Group has a insurance based healthcare system.



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