Appraisal of Infrastructural Facilities and Environmental Condition of Lam Adeshina Market in Ibadan, Nigeria


  • J O. Owoeye Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria


Lam Adeshina Market, infrastructural facilities, environmental condition, socio-economic characteristics, Ibadan.


This paper presents an overview of Lam Adeshina Cattle market in Ibadan, Nigeria in respect of its infrastructure and environmental conditions. Using simple random sampling technique, 82 traders were carefully selected for questionnaire interview which was reinforced by another set of questionnaire administered on 43 adjoining residential buildings. The major thrust of the study is to investigate the physical condition of the market, the socio-economic characteristics of sellers and also determine the impact of the market on the surrounding area. Findings divulged the deplorable condition of the market occasioned by inadequacy of infrastructural facilities and poor maintenance of existing ones; especially toilet, water supply, drainage, refuse site among others. Nonetheless, the market has positively affected its surrounding settlements, principally in the area of housing construction, employment generation, and increase in level of civilization. The paper suggests redesigning of the market in order to mitigate the identified problems. Suggestions were also made on provision of necessary infrastructure like fire station, modern toilets, bore holes, refuse facilities and production of development plan to guide the growth of adjourning area. It also suggests that the maintenance of those facilities should be entrusted in the hand of Akinyele LGA to ensure their sustainable management.



Author Biography

J O. Owoeye, Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria

Lecturer in Department of Urban & Regional Planning


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