Blind Students’ Attitudes towards the Effectiveness of Services of Disability Services Center at Islamic University of Gaza


  • Ahmed Mohammed Alrantisi



Effectiveness – Services – blind Students


The study aims at determining the effectiveness of the services of the Disability Services Center (DSC) for blind students at the Islamic University in Gaza (IUG). This evaluative study was applied to all blind students enrolled in different IUG faculties. The study applied the comprehensive social survey methodology to 89 students enrolled in the Center during April-May 2018. The study found that the services that achieved a high level of effectiveness from the perspective of blind students are academic services, followed by social, technical and psychological services. Students viewed the Center’s small location and shortage of specialists in the disability field among the main barriers to effective provision of services. The study recommends employing specialists in the field of assistive technologies at DSC and to expand the social and psychological services to help integrate blind students in the larger university community.

Author Biography

Ahmed Mohammed Alrantisi

أستاذ مساعد ÙÙŠ الخدمة الاجتماعية

قسم الخدمة الاجتماعية

الجامعة الإسلامية ÙÙŠ غزة

أستاذ مساعد ÙÙŠ الخدمة الاجتماعيةالجامعة الإسلامية ÙÙŠ غزة


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