Comparative Study of Performances between Private and Public Schools in English Language Programme


  • Joseph O. Babalola Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti,Ekiti State,Nigeria.


Comparative study, Public schools, Private schools, Performance, Supervision


This study investigated the performances of students in English language in Public and Private   schools. The stand of one as regards the output was compared with the stand of the other. The areas of concern included the level of performance, teachers’ qualifications and teachers’ experience on the job. The population of the study consists of 15700 students. Ten senior secondary schools were randomly selected from the available sixty four secondary schools in the Local Government Area. Staff statistics and record of WAEC results of the students were collected from the schools. It was discovered from the available statistics that Public schools had more qualified teachers with more years of experience than their Private schools counterparts. It was against the run of play that the students in Private schools performed better than the students in Public schools. The physical outlook of the Public schools visited suggested that maintenance culture was lacking as revealed in the unkempt school plants which might be as a result of lack of supervision. Consistent and meaningful supervision is therefore recommended among others in order to promote good performance in the Public school system especially in the teaching and learning of English language as a language of utility in Nigeria peculiar linguistic situation.

Author Biography

Joseph O. Babalola, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti,Ekiti State,Nigeria.

Curriculum Department(Ph.D Lect.ii)


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