Revitalization of Youth Entrepreneurial Group (KWP) Empowerment Program to Reduce Unemployment and to Alleviate Poverty (Case Study in Sooko Village, Sooko Subdistrict, Mojokerto District)

Dini Utami Dewi, Sanggar Kanto, Sholeh Muadi


Rising unemployment especially among the youth becomes a distinct problem for Indonesia. The young man who becomes the next generation was expected to create employment that will be able to absorb workforce to overcome the problems of poverty and unemployment that was still become a complex problem.

It should be recognized that employment creation was not the only way to overcome poverty, but employment creation can be an important element in poverty alleviation efforts. Therefore Youth and Sport Ministry create the Youth Entrepreneurial Group program which consists of young people to develop their skills in the field of entrepreneurship, but there are several programs of the Youth Entrepreneurial Group (Kelompok Wirausaha Pemuda/KWP) that was not working properly and needs to be revitalized. Researchers used Case Study method. This study took place in the village of Sooko, Sooko subdistrict, Mojokerto district.


Poverty, Unemployment, Youth Group, Youth, Youth Entrepreneurship

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