The Influence of Wai Sha Feng Shui Factors on the Housing Price and House Buyers


  • Chih-Peng Chang
  • Chiou-Mien Lin


Feng Shui, Wai Sha, Housing Price


The price of house is a very important reference factor during purchasing a house. And it is influenced by diverse factors. In Asia Feng Shui is one of the significant effect factors and there are many researches indicate that it influences the housing price truly. However there are many species in Feng Shui, the Feng Shui of residence is mainly decided by outer negative energy that called “Wai Shaâ€, it means that the negative energy is born from the outside facilities around house such as buildings, roads or public facilities. Therefore, this study would like to use the Wai Shia Feng Shui as the spindle to discuss the influence of Feng Shui on housing price and house buyers.The results of literature reviews find that Feng Shui influences housing price significantly. Second there are eleven Wai Sha factors that general house buyers taboo such as the Lu Chong, the Dead End Alley, the Electricity-Related Infrastructure and Haunted House etc. Finally, Wai Sha reduces the degree of housing price about 10%.



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