Semitotal Blocks in Fuzzy Graphs


  • Mohiddin Shaw Narasaraopeta Engineering college, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
  • B. Narayana
  • D. Srinivasulu
  • A. Sudhakaraiah


This paper  is a study of  semitotal blocks in fuzzy graphs.  During the study some interesting results regarding the semitotal blocks in fuzzy graphs are obtained.  It is observed that when ‘B’ is a block of a given fuzzy graph                       G:(V, σ, µ), then degree of the vertex B in semi total block fuzzy graph TSTBF(G) is equal to the sum of the membership grade of the vertices in that block and the number of edges in TSTBF(G) related to block B is ∣ V(B)∣ with membership grade minimum of                 σ(u), σ(B).  Finally, the result is ∣E STBF(G)∣ = ∣ EF(G)∣ + ∣V(B1)∣ + ∣V(B2)∣ + . . .  + ∣V(Bk)∣.


Author Biography

Mohiddin Shaw, Narasaraopeta Engineering college, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Department of Basic Science and Humanities

Associate Professor


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