A Fuzzy-Based Approach to E-learning Evaluation


  • Enrico Fischetti Dipartimento di Informatica University of Salerno Italy
  • Aniello Nappi MANUCOR S.p.A. BOPP factory - Sessa Aurunca (CE), Italy


Student Evaluation, Fuzzy Sets, BL-algebra, Linguistic Variables.


In this paper a fuzzy-based methodology is illustrated, able to implement educational taxonomies and returning a rich linguistic evaluation. This approach is suitable for not structured answer scripts and uses a BL-algebra-based calculus.

Author Biographies

Enrico Fischetti, Dipartimento di Informatica University of Salerno Italy

Dipartimento di Informatica

Associate professor

Aniello Nappi, MANUCOR S.p.A. BOPP factory - Sessa Aurunca (CE), Italy

I.T. Manager - Sap Manager/Customizer/Developer


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