Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization of a New Hyperchaotic System Using Nonlinear Control


  • Mohammad Shahzad
  • Muhammad Haris


Synchronization, Lyapunov Stability Theory, Nonlinear Active Control, Hyperchaotic System


Synchronization is characterized by the equality of state variables while evolving in time. Anti-synchronization is categorized by the disappearance of the sum of relevant variables. This paper has studied and investigated the global chaos identical Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization (AS) of a new hyperchaotic system via Nonlinear Control. The sufficient conditions for accomplishing the synchronization and AS of two identical hyperchaotic systems are derived based on Lypunov Stability Theory. Numerical simulations and graphs are furnished to show the effectiveness of our proposed approach. All simulations have been done by using mathematica 9.



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