Study on the Utilization of Local Waste as a Construction Aggregates for the Production of Concrete Blocks


  • Hossam A. Elaqra materials science, civil engineering department
  • Ajad M. Naim
  • Mohammed K. Hussein



Light Weight Block Concrete, Light weight Aggregates, Bottom ash, Glass Powder, Compressive Strength


This paper discusses the use of two different aggregates on the production of concrete blocks in construction. The use of aggregate type 1 showed a significant decrease on the compressive strength with 40% replacement of natural aggregates. The use of aggregate type 2, where the natural aggregate was totally replaced showed better results in term of compressive strength. At aggregate to cement ration equal to 4, the concrete has an acceptable density equal 1.4 g/cm3 and compressive strength equal 2MPa. The use of glass powder increases the compressive strength of these blocks to value higher than 3.5MPa and density around 1.3 g/cm3 which is acceptable according to the ASTM for masonry block to be used in construction.


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