IT UAF CLOUD: A Trusted Storage Architecture for Cloud Computing


  • Hafiza Mahrukh Shahzadi Graduate student, Department of Computer Sciences, Government Collage Women University Faisalabad
  • Shazia Riaz



Storage, Online Cloud, Data Protection, Safe storage


The issue for the understudies and clients to where they need to situate to their records and critical stuff. In this way we attempt to determine this issue by building up an Online Cloud known "It Uaf Cloudâ€. When we say cloud, we have to comprehend that word 'cloud' is a similitude for Internet and along these lines it just means a type of web-based registering. It depends on the model of shared registering assets rather than neighborhood servers, stockpiling gadgets that are utilized to deal with client applications. Cloud accordingly tackle more than what customary methods for registering could accomplish without requiring physical server and capacity frameworks at the area you are in. It has a colossal potential and offer extraordinary preferences clients. Cloud frameworks in a general sense give access to extensive pools of information and computational assets through an assortment of interfaces comparative in soul to existing lattice and HPC asset administration and programming frameworks. These kinds of frameworks offer another programming focus for versatile application engineers and have picked up prevalence in the course of recent years. Nonetheless, most distributed computing frameworks in task today are exclusive, depend upon foundation that is imperceptible to the examination network, or are not unequivocally intended to be instrumented and changed by frameworks specialists. Cloud suppliers hypothetically offer their clients boundless assets for their applications on an on-request premise. In any case, versatility isn't just controlled by the accessible assets, yet in addition by how the control and information stream of the application or administration is outlined and actualized.


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