Evaluation Methodology on Vibration Serviceability of Bridge by using Non-Contact Vibration Measurement Method


  • Ki-Tae Park
  • Hyun-Seop Shin


Dynamics, Evaluation, Bridges, Field Testing


In order to evaluate vibration serviceability by means of non-contact vibration meter, serviceability of existing bridge were experimentally evaluated by using laser vibration meter, and the methodology for the serviceability were also proposed. Test results were analyzed and compared with evaluation results acquired by using accelerometer and LVDT. To testify accuracy of natural frequency by vibration data through laser vibration meter, it was compared with that acquired by using accelerometer. According to test and comparison results, it is showed that serviceability can be evaluated properly enough from the tolerance curve of Reiher-Meister for the estimated acceleration that can be calculated by the numerical differentiation of measured velocity.



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