Predicting Availability and Scarcity of Water Using Visual MODFLOW


  • Anjali A
  • Rajeev Kumar P


Ground water, modeling, flow pattern, velocity vectors, Visual MODFLOW 2011.1, bore-well


Due to ever increasing population, industrialization and demand in agricultural needs, the humanity is on the verge of experiencing the huge shortage of fresh water supply. Hence ground-water is a resource of global importance, particularly in areas where access to surface water is limited. Ground-water modelling can be done using commercially available softwares. This paper highlights ground-water flow pattern and velocity vectors using Visual MODFLOW v.2011.1 which predicts availability and scarcity of water along with necessity for commissioning new bore-wells or artificial supply schemes to meet increasing water demand provided average recharge remains constant. Such a study would be helpful in predicting the effective locations suitable for artificial water extraction systems such as bore-wells to obtain maximum yield of ground-water.


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