The Discharge Coefficient for a Compound Sharp Crested V-Notch Weir


  • Abdel Azim Mohamed Ali
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
  • A. I. Diwedar Hydraulics Research Institute


V-notch Weir, Weir Design, Hydraulic structures, Discharge Measuring Structures


This paper presents experimental work to investigate the discharge coefficient for a compound V-notch weir. This weir is composed of two triangular parts with distinctive notch angles. Fundamental standards were utilized to connect the release to the significant geometrical and hydraulic parameters in non-dimensional form. Physical model tool was used, where more than 30 runs were executed in a rectangular flume. Five weir models were tested representing different weir characteristics. The outcomes were contrasted with previous work, the discharge coefficients were found in a decent concurrence with the comparable compound sharp-crested weir. The study demonstrated the principle point of preference of the proposed compound weir to allow a decent exactness in the flow measurement for a varied range of flows with no cutoffs as well.



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