Theoretical Modelling and Experimental Validation of Combustion in DI Diesel Engine by using Diesel -RK


  • Sk. Abdul Siddique JNTU HYDEARABAD INDIA
  • K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy


DI, CFD, Diesel-RK, Simulation, Experiments, Combustion


The transportation industrial sectors, the diesel engines are using predominantly. As the diesel engines are known of its compression ratio, which is responsible for self -ignition of heterogeneous mixture. In this, the cylinder motion and combustion chamber geometry leads to effective combustion process. In this work, an attempt is made to simulate the combustion phenomenon using the DIESEL-RK. This simulation has been carried out with a modified combustion geometry, on which the experiments were conducted and the simulated values have been compared and validated, for which the error analysis also presented. The experiments are conducted on single cylinder, four stroke direct ignition diesel engine. The experiments are conducted by varying the load at constant rated speed of 1500rpm. The results obtained from simulation are compared with experimental investigations. A good agreement between the modelling and experimental data ensures the accuracy of the numerical predictions. From the results, it reveals that the Diesel-RK software can be one of the reliable CFD software for modelling and simulating combustion of diesel engines.


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