Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Excitation System for Synchronous Generator

Yousif Ismail Al Mashhadany, Farqad Amir, Najlaa Anwer


Mechanical energy converted into electrical energy by synchronous generator. The turbine converts some kinds of energy (steam, water, wind) into mechanical energy. This work discusses the problems in modeling, simulation and analysis of excitation system for synchronous generator, it has an active DC load. The work consists of two main parts: one is the mathematical model of an excitation system, explains the fundamentals, and defines the scope of work of the synchronous generator; another presents the simulation and analysis of the mathematical model discussed. The simulation was done on Matlab Ver. 2013a with satisfactory results, allowing conclusion that the modeling is accurate and feasible for practical implementation.


Synchronous generator, Excitation System, modeling and simulation

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