Implementation of Low Cost Motion Controller with Input of Passive Sun-position Data for PV- Solar Tracking in Gaza strip

Anwar Abu-Zarifa, Mohammed Shabat


Certainly, if one efficient solar panel can provide as much energy as two less-efficient panels, then the cost of that energy will be reduced also the issue of uncertainty to other solar components need to be investigated by the utilization of robust control. To minimize these losses and improve the efficiency of solar modules is the goal of this research.

The idea of this research is the development of a low-cost system which tracks the sun on both axes and which be controlled via a programmable logic control (PLC) with   with the aid of Sun Position-Data regarding Gaza strip.

An analog module was designed and implemented.  After the mechanical control unit of the designed system was started, the performance measurements of the solar panel were carried out first when the solar panel was in a fixed position and then the solar panel was controlled while tracking the sun on azimuth and solar altitude angles and the necessary measurements were performed.

Furthermore, when the data obtained from the measurements were compared, it was seen that 41.6% more energy was obtained in the two-axis sun-tracking system compared to the fixed system.



Renewable Energy, PV-Solar Energy, Sun Tracking, Gaza Strip

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