Design of a High Frequency and High Sensitive Low Noise Amplifier


  • Akinwale Oluwaseyi Fadamiro Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo state. Nigeria
  • E.O. Ogunti Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering Federal University of Technology Akure


Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), sensitivity, gain, high frequency.


In most applications of the microwave amplifiers not only high amplification is desirable, but the usable bandwidth is also of importance. An ordinary amplifier can’t operate at microwave ranges because of their inherent parasitic parameters and thus, it is necessary to design a microwave amplifier, which is free from above bottlenecks. This work presents the design and simulation of a High frequency low noise amplifier (LNA). with high gain, high sensitivity and low noise using Bipolar Junction transistor (BJT).. The design methodology requires analysis of the transistor for stability, proper matching, network selection and fabrication. The BFR 193 BJT Transistor was chosen for the design of the LNA due to its low noise and good gain at high frequency. These properties were confirmed using some measurement techniques including Probe, Oscilloscope and Network Analyzer for the simulation and practical testing of the amplifier to verify the performance of the designed High frequency Low noise amplifier. The design was able to fulfill the design goals of noise figure of < 1 dB, gain of 16.6 dB, Ic of 4.998mA and receiver sensitivity of -123.95dBm. A mathematical relationship has been derived relating the receiver’s sensitivity to the channel capacity and noise figure of the device. The design specifications for this amplifier are in high demand following the recent developments in wireless technology.

Author Biography

Akinwale Oluwaseyi Fadamiro, Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo state. Nigeria

Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering


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