Development of an Eight-Channel Data Acquisition System and Control for Industrial Application


  • samuel F. Kolawole Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna


Transducers, Data Acquisition, LPT1, Analogue, multi channel


The subject of this paper is the Development of an Eight Channel Data Acquisition System using off-the-shelf components for Industrial Application. The system is typically configured to acquire data like voltage, current, temperature, pressure, flow etc, in an industrial environment. To achieve the objective the LPT1 of a PC served to connect the various sensors through the interface circuit that was designed and constructed. Visual C++ was used in developing the program that controls the system. The system offers great economic advantage as the cost is just about 28% of the commercially available data acquisition cards. The accuracy of the system for acquisition was found to be high when used to measure signals from transducers.


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