Parametric CNC Programming for Aluminum Extrusion-Moulds


  • Xingbo Wang
  • Jianjun Bu Department of Mechanical Engineering, South China University of Technology
  • Shuguang Tang


Mould Machining, Group Technology, CNC programming, macro program


The paper first presents a classification of aluminum extrusion-moulds via an analysis of the moulds’ geometric structures and their machining processes. Then the paper puts forward an idea of parametric CNC programming of machining the aluminum extrusion-moulds, and points out some key problems as well as their solutions on instancing the parametric CNC programs in term of the CNC machining processes and the technical behaviors. The paper is of a good reference for CNC programming as the macro packages programmed under the guidance of the principles introduced in the paper have obtained excellent effects when applied on Mitsubishi systems and FANUC 0i systems.

Author Biography

Jianjun Bu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, South China University of Technology

South China university of technology is a famous 985 colleges of 34 famous universities in China,the ranking of Universities in the world is about100.


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