A Critique on Giving Feedback for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Students’ Writing


  • Esti Junining University of Brawijaya


formative feedback, formative online feedback system, peer feedback


Giving feedback has still become a controversial issue in language pedagogy. Some experts regard it as a useful practice in language learning and the others claim it as a useless one when it is not delivered correctly and effectively. On the basis of this controversial issue, the purpose of  this paper is to review some current findings on giving feedback, that is reviewing the issue of formative feedback, formative online feedback system and peer feedback. The research method used was library research by comparing the current practice of giving feedback in Indonesian context. The result of the research indicated that there were some changes from the conventional practice of giving feedback into the implementation of online feedback system, formative feedback and peer feedback. Three recommendations for changes are proposed as well. These three recommendation are proposed to overcome the problems of the teachers (working too much on giving feedback) as well as the students ( to build communication mechanism, reduce frustration, and confusion) to create less threatening and meaningful learning.


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